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Game of Toads Published 7/2/2014 in Toadallygameoftoads_7_2_14

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Welcome To POP Remedy

Welcome to POP Remedy Syndicate where we make and distribute comics you love and harness that love into something good!
The one thing this world needs is laughter and love and that is why Jarrett Osborne created Pop Remedy.

Working together on laughter and to raise awareness and money for the individual artists charity of choice.

Come and explore how Pop Remedy can change not only your live but others as well.

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  • WATTER Cast: Red

    Mar 27

    Meet 6-year-old RED. He has powers, clearly, and he will need them on his quest for Earth’s resurgence…and to fight a tiger if necessary.  



Call to Artists!

Want to be a syndicated web cartoonist and make a difference in the world? Well, that is what we are looking for.
We wanted to hear from you get those pencils and panels ready to remedy people and planet!

Our art and the love in making a difference in our community is what makes POP one of a kind.

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Meet a POP Creator

  • Jarrett Osborne

    Jarrett Osborne is here and while that may be enough for…him…more creators are coming…more creators are needed! What we are looking for in a POP Creator is simple. Strong writing and art is inevitable but with that you need a cause, a charity, a foundation that is beyond you and comics. You need to be passionate not just about comics ...
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