About POP Remedy

For years, before the birth of my son, I had been struggling with ‘doing good’. After channeling the advice of Joni Avram from Cause & Effect Marketing and W. Brett Wilson, Canada’s leading businessmen, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, mentor and distant ‘friend’…I answered their question:

“How can I use my knowledge, my network and my personal passion to creatively meet the world’s greatest needs?”

The answer was POP Remedy, a Comic Strip Syndicate to Remedy the World.

POP Remedy is a comic strip syndicate created by me, Jarrett Osborne, Husband, Father, Teacher, Artist, Entrepreneur and future Philanthropist, meant to take the successful model of traditional print syndication, and emerging models of webcomics and create and distribute comic strips to various platforms of readership. Imagine a place where current syndicated comic artists, retired comic artists, and new and upcoming comic artists could create and fuel great projects that help people and planet causes…all for GOOD…always. The difference is, POP Remedy Syndicate will GIVE BACK the vast amount of its profits from memberships, comic strip collections, original art, limited prints and merchandise to people and planet charities and causes while becoming another source of information and education. POP Remedy is a Comic Strip Syndicate to Remedy the World. PLEASE SUPPORT US with your readership, donations and promise to help people and planet.