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Below is our most recent PSA for PKD. “Harrison was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) before he was born. His dad, a teacher and illustrator, has found artistic inspiration in his tough little boy, who the family calls Hurricane Harrison. Today, he has defied the odds stacked against him, but there is still a long road ahead. More treatment options will be needed for Harrison as his PKD progresses. Watch his story to find out how you can help children like Harrison.” You can see the video here Hurricane Harrison

Hurricane Harrison

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WATTER Cast: Red

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Meet 6-year-old RED. He has powers, clearly, and he will need them on his quest for Earth’s resurgence…and to fight a tiger if necessary.  Bio for RED



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Pythons Pit

Some exciting news from the POP Remedy camp…today we make our pitch in front of Python Investors ( which is my city’s version of Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den ) POP Remedy made it into the top ten so I’ll have 3 minutes to convince people with more money than us to give us some!…but at what cost? EEK! We’ll keep you updated…

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Watter 3/21/2014

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The new strip has been posted! WATTER_3/32/3014

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50 Strip rule

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50 Strip Rule

I read once it takes a cartoon strip 50+ strips before all the kinks
get worked out…by strip #2 I’ve already abandoned the ruler for
lettering and trusted hand & eye.

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W. Brett Wilson Provides POP Remedy Rubbers!

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rubbers of art

W. Brett Wilson and his incredible team at Prairie Merchant www.wbrettwilson.ca have provided the official rubbers ( erasers ) for POP Remedy. Each one carries the message ‘still making mistakes’Though official…once these are gone, they’re gone! I’ll have to find another rubber provider and I’m afraid to google it…


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POP Remedy is real!

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Today is a special day for multiple reasons. The pioneer of cause and comics, Team Cul De Sac’s Chris Sparks, and his team at Sparking Design are the genius behind this site design. It’s more than I could have imagined so thank you my new, good mentor and friend…xo.

It is also the first day of my new comic strip ‘WATTER’ It has been almost 5 years since my last strip and this idea stuck and tickled. While there are some definite obstacles moving from digital back to traditional work ( like getting my hand to work )…I believe it was worth it. I hope you check out ‘WATTER’ each and every FRIDAY moving forward and soon each and every original strip and limited edition prints will be for sale with proceeds going to my cause…the fight against Kidney Disease…I promise to deliver with true grit and integrity every step and strip of the way.

Last but not least it is WORLD KIDNEY DAY! “World Kidney Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. Get involved!” My baby boy, Harrison, was born on World Kidney Day in 2012 and suffers from kidney disease. He is the inspiration for POP Remedy. This is just one cause associated with one comic…POP Remedy is positioned and soon enough will house many comics and causes.

I never thought comics would take me down this path…hell…I never thought I would have a child with a disease. Redefining my success and happiness is what got me here…your support is what will keep me.

Pencils. Panels. People. Planet. Pop Remedy is comic syndicate to remedy the world. Time to start stripping…be good.




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