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POP Comics can be strips, panels or pages. We are looking for creative and professional comics that will entertain and resonate with multiple demographics. We also encourage current syndicated artists looking to showcase new creations and donate original work adored by the world already. POP Remedy is meant to make people laugh while helping people and planet causes.

Best in Show

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It has been said that this strip about a modern couple struggling to keep up with pop culture has gone to the dogs. It has also gone to aliens, zombies, and dysfunctional pet owners — and one never knows in what combination the above-named creatures will appear.

Syndicated to college newspapers through MCT Campus, the strip has also appeared in Dog Park Wisdom, by Lisa Wogan, and the highly successful fundraising project,Team Cul De Sac, published by Andrews McMeel.

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Second Chances


Second Chances is the story of Darren Miller, a good man starting his life over again. He has three wonderful kids that he dearly loves and he vows to be the best Dad he can be from a distance.

Despite his good intentions, he observes and immerses himself in the quirky world all around him. Having been out of the dating scene for twenty years, he discovers the rules have dramatically changed. In fact, everything about his life is changing; his house is gone, his kids are gone and he is starting a new job.

Strangely enough, he begins to notice that he is not as alone as he thought, as many of his friends and co-workers are going through similar experiences.

Darren is an optimist and with every sunrise he believes more strongly that everyone deservers a “Second Chance”.

His kids Jon (10), Louise (8) and AJ (6) are central characters as well but the story is not told through their eyes. It’s through the eyes of their Dad that the world of Second Chances unfolds. Darren tries dating again and through the miracle of internet dating, he finds a woman worthy of his attention, Samantha (Sam for short).

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Summary coming soon about Toadally!

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2045. The world has gone bad in the last fifty years but is still worth fighting for according to RED, a six year old altruistic boy with superpowers and his platonic, distant but staunch companion in a hazmat suit JUNO. Together with their skulk of overstuffed fox sock dolls they plan to follow a map on the quest to Earth’s resurgence…that lies somewhere in Cleveland guarded by dinosaurs, a spaceman and a tiger. This is ‘WATTER’. A new comic strip by Jarrett Osborne.

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