POP Creators A-Z

Jarrett Osborne


Jarrett Osborne is here and while that may be enough for…him…more creators are coming…more creators are needed! What we are looking for in a POP Creator is simple. Strong writing and art is inevitable but with that you need a cause, a charity, a foundation that is beyond you and comics. You need to be passionate not just about comics but people and planet also. What will make us excited and should make you excited, is your passion, commitment and open-mindedness to a new syndicate business model that merges comic readers and cause supporters.

Joe Sutliff


Joe Sutliff has been drawing cartoons professionally for over 30 years, and appeared in local, national and international newspapers, magazines and the internet. He was a finalist in the Washington Post’s “Next Great American Cartoonist” competition and participated in the award winning Team Cul De Sac book “Cartoonists Drwa the Line at Parkinson’s”.

Mark Fleck


I am Mark Fleck, a cartoonist born and raised in Calgary who graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1995 from the drawing program. After a divorce, I struggled to find my role in the changing family
dynamic and the adventures of trying to co-parent 3 children helped me to realize I had more to say. I started to wonder how to tell my story and after finding Karen, my own second chance, the full idea for this strip came to life.

For four years I worked for three weekly newspapers contributing editorial cartoons and spot illustrations. As a published editorial cartoonist I know the dedication it takes to write, draw and create a daily comic strip. Armed now with a story to tell,”Second Chances” will be my story of starting over and of the belief that we all deserve a Second Chance.

Second Chances has been in development since 2010, during which time the characters and story lines continue to be refined.

Phil Juliano

Phil Juliano profile pic

Phil Juliano has been drawing funny pictures since he was twelve years old. Influenced by classic comic books, cartoon animation and the Sunday funnies, Phil has built a career bringing to life comic strips, gag cartoons and humorous illustrations for clients around the globe. His own comic strip, “Best In Show”, is a visual interpretation of his daily life and struggle to find his place in society. He is an active member of the National Cartoonists Society and lives in Minneapolis with his wife Rachael and their two dogs, Spencer and Sierra.