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Mark Fleck

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I am Mark Fleck, a cartoonist born and raised in Calgary who graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1995 from the drawing program. After a divorce, I struggled to find my role in the changing family
dynamic and the adventures of trying to co-parent 3 children helped me to realize I had more to say. I started to wonder how to tell my story and after finding Karen, my own second chance, the full idea for this strip came to life.

For four years I worked for three weekly newspapers contributing editorial cartoons and spot illustrations. As a published editorial cartoonist I know the dedication it takes to write, draw and create a daily comic strip. Armed now with a story to tell,”Second Chances” will be my story of starting over and of the belief that we all deserve a Second Chance.

Second Chances has been in development since 2010, during which time the characters and story lines continue to be refined.