GOOD NEWS…POP Remedy DOES NOT exist just for me and my cause. There are other artists, with other causes looking to DO GOOD. We know you are out there – we are here – waiting. What we are looking for in a POP Creator is simple. Strong writing and art is inevitable but with that you need a cause, a charity, a foundation that is beyond you and comics. You need to be passionate not just about comics but people and planet also. You will also need to be able to work four weeks ahead of the release date for daily releases as this will ensure consistency and content for our readers.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit four weeks of samples of a comic feature so the people at POP can judge the quality and consistency of your work.
  • Submit a letter explaining the purpose and scope of your comic and characters.
  • Submit a short paragraph about a cause, charity or foundation you are or would like to be connected to.
  • Submit comic strips and panels any size as long as it can be reduced proportionately. Do not send original art as it will not be returned!

*Note on submitting files*

In order to use the form below, you must only submit ONE .zip file containing your samples. The file size must be under 25MB to go through. If you have trouble with this process, you may directly email us all of the required information. Spread your files across multiple emails if they exceed a total of 25MB.

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